Hockey hall Hamuliakovo SK

LED industrial lights TPR 250W

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Pilsner Urquell Pilsen

LED tri-proof lights TIL 58W

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City Plavecký Mikuláš SK

LED street lights COBRA

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Mountfield Olomouc

LED dimmable panels

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443 installations, 9,877 light fittings

Our last year in figures.

Over 5 years warranty

We do not worry about our quality light fittings.

OSRAM, PHILIPS, Tridonic and others.

Branded components are the basis.

26,437,331 CZK of savings

Our clients generated last year.

Certification, declaration of conformity

are commonplace with each light fitting.

Full product support

IES files, technical data sheets, promo.

When searching for a new partner for the revitalisation of the lighting system in our major operations, we had very strict parameters. TESLUX Lighting s.r.o. fulfilled them beyond expectations and in many cases it was actually "more consistent". A new long-term co-operation with our PILSNER URQUELL brand was initiated.

Ing. Jiří Schneider
plant development specialist

Satisfied customer

case study

Excalibur City Hatě

The investor’s request was a complete revitalisation of indoor & outdoor lighting.

During 2015 the lighting was gradually changing in the shopping mall, supermarket, hallways, the children's entertainment centre and last but not least a duty-free shop.

In early 2016, we began changing the lighting in the outdoor surroundings and in the final phase we are installing new LED street lighting in all parking lots throughout the complex.

Investments > 1 million CZK
Implementation 2015/2016
Saving > 54%
Returnability 2.4 years

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The normal rate for companies is around USD 0,11 / kWh, including distribution. This calculator is for an approximate calculation of savings. We gladly develop the exact savings for you free of charge as a comprehensive light project with a calculation of savings and ideal lighting.

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